Baku Traffic Police appeals to drivers on rainy weather condition

  • 10:28 13 January 2020

Baku Traffic Police appeals to drivers on rainy weather condition

The Main State Road Police Department (MSRPD) has appealed to drivers in connection with rainy weather condition in order to provide security in highways, Head of Public Relations Department of the Police Department, police colonel Vagif Asadov told ONA.

According to him, drivers should control their cars by taking into consideration meteorological condition: “Rainy weather at rush hours, late lighting up the weather in the mornings, and early getting dark in nights restricts visibility of movement participants. Taking into consideration all of these, each of us should be responsible in roads and try to provide public security reliably. Drivers, using private cars, should be more attentive in comparison with other days, drop speed limit at minimum, and keep interval more than normal between cars. There is a risk of sliding in roads and asphalt cover in connection with rain. Putting into operation or stopping cars are conducted with the help of gearbox in sliding roads. Drivers should appropriately use gearbox and break by taking into consideration situation of weather and roads. As well as drivers should keep clean number plate of their cars in such weather conditions. By taking into account the condition of weather and highways, cars should be so controlled that driver can avoid from danger in risky situations. Sometimes drivers do not take into consideration weather condition and drive as usual. They think if any traffic accident occurs, they will not be brought to responsibility. However according to the law on “Traffic Movement”, drivers, committed traffic accidents can be brought to responsibility by not taking into consideration condition of roads and weather.”

V. Asadov noted in such weather condition drivers should take into consideration condition of asphalt cover while driving, drop speed limit at minimum, keep distance with cars more than normal, focus their full attention in the movement direction, and control the car relevant to its technical characteristics: “If drivers follow these rules, it will be possible to decrease number of traffic accidents at minimum. I ask our drivers once more to follow mentioned rules.”