Chief Epidemiologist of Azerbaijan addresses to citizens

  • 17:26 01 June 2020

Chief Epidemiologist of Azerbaijan addresses to citizens

“Reason for increase in infection cases is people’s violation of regime”, said Chief Epidemiologist of Azerbaijan Ibadulla Aghayev told ONA.

He said people should absolutely use masks: “It has been said many times, we repeat it again. Strict rules, quarantine regime were applied when the coronavirus outbroke. However, people do not want to follow rules after a softening quarantine regime.

I ask people to follow all the mentioned hygiene norms. Firstly, masks should absolutely be used while entering stores, no matter they are large or small, Malls, other trade centers, public catering facilities. People should avoid mass gatherings. The social distance must be maintained. Softening quarantine regime does not mean the disease has completely ended, there may not be any infection case. The risk of infection is high. Its reason is only people. All measures, conducted by state, aim at the health of people. Many steps, which are important for human health, have been taken by the President, when the virus first appeared. We saw its result, the number of infection cases has decreased.”

The chief epidemiologist noted that the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase every day, because of recently, people do not follow the rules: “This is the reason that depends on the population itself. If the rules are not followed, then, the Task Force also warned that surely tough measures will be implemented, fines will be applied. Prior to this, the people were complaining that there are no masks in pharmacies. Currently, there are both Azerbaijani made masks and imported ones. The population should use masks. If they want to protect their health then they should follow the rules. If the population does not follow quarantine regime rules then the number of infection cases will further increase. Not every home can be followed by a controller. People who leave home, who go to some places should follow hygienic norms.”

I. Aghayev added that if all standards and sanitary-hygienic rules determined by the Task Force are followed, the number of infection cases will decrease. He stressed that everyone should follow all the rules in order not to contract coronavirus.