Chief of SMS: Returning process of those who decided to deport from Germany will be continue

  • 17:25 17 June 2020

Chief of SMS: Returning process of those who decided to deport from Germany will be continue

The State Migration Service (SMS) has commented on the issue that Germany will deport more than 4,000 people, including Azerbaijanis who search asylum, the head of the Service Vusal Huseynov told ONA.

State Migration Service participates in the returning process of those people with EU member countries within the framework of readmission contracts: “We admit such persons. However as the borders closed due to the pandemic, we have informed all colleague groups that the returning of the persons in this period will not be implemented. Starting March 15-16, no such persons were returned from any country to Azerbaijan, at the same time we also did not implement deportation of this category persons outside of Azerbaijan. But in this period State Migration Service has received information regarding the persons who are considered to be returned. We have also provided information that we will accept back those persons.

Documentation, additional communication parts of the process have been passed through. We just do not have any information from the opposite side on which date evacuation of these persons will be carried out exactly. I should note that the State Migration Service receives appeals by many people in this regard, the approval response is sent to the opposite side. It is expected that after the resume of movement, evacuation of these persons will be continued. We have approved them being an Azerbaijani citizen and noted that if these persons are evacuated, we will accept them. However, the number of people, whom we are talking about, is unknown yet.”

V. Huseynov noted evacuation of such people to Azerbaijan has been carried out two times from the beginning of this year to the pandemics.