Details of immune plasma treatment applied to coronavirus patients in Azerbaijan disclosed

  • 15:09 20 May 2020

Details of immune plasma treatment applied to coronavirus patients in Azerbaijan disclosed

 “We have already started to treat critically severe patients with convalescent immune plasma i.e. plasmas collected from people having come through virus infection and having recovered. In this treatment method, the existence of special antibodies acting against the virus in the blood of people having come through coronavirus infection and having recovered is envisaged. The plasma is collected from such donors within 14-28 days after their recovery. This plasma is intravenously infused in the body of the critically severe patients connected to artificial respiration unit”, said Valeh Huseynov, executive director of the National Hematology and Transfusiology Center, ONA reports.

He said the donors are people at the age between 18-60 and having come through coronavirus: “I would like to stress that these people shouldn’t show any clinic symptom within 14 days after recovery, and the blood sample taken from them for repeated coronavirus test should show a negative result. After passing through all phases of the coronavirus test, the donors are carried through donor examinations according to all international standards. When the donors are ready, the plasma is collected from peripheral blood by means of the special apheresis devices. The apheresis procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. This procedure doesn’t pose any threat to donor’s life. During the apheresis procedure, the infection risk is seriously limited because the single-use sterile kits are being used. After the procedure, the donors can return to the normal lifestyle in a healthy condition. The collected plasmas can be divided and be applied to the critically severe patients during 4-6 hours or can be frozen and be stored and be used later for patients with relevant criteria”.