European MPs vote on ending summer time clock changes

  • 16:08 26 March 2019

European MPs vote on ending summer time clock changes

The European Parliament is voting on a proposal to stop the obligatory one-hour clock change which extends daylight hours in summer EU-wide, ONA reports citing BBC.

The proposal would give each member state a choice from 2021: either to keep the current summer time system or scrap the twice-yearly clock changes.

Ministers will also have a say on this.

Under an EU directive, all 28 states now switch to summer time on the last Sunday of March and back to winter time on the last Sunday of October.

The European Commission - in charge of drafting EU legislation - made the proposal last year, after a public consultation which showed 84% of respondents wanting to scrap the biannual clock changes. There were 4.6 million replies in that consultation, 70% of which were from Germans.

The proposal has been backed by the parliament's transport committee, and now all MEPs are voting on it.

But MEPs and the Commission stress that states must co-ordinate their choices, to minimise the risk of economic disruption from a patchwork of different time systems.