First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva thanks the medical workers fighting the coronavirus

  • 01:22 29 March 2020

First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva thanks the medical workers fighting the coronavirus

“Today we all living hard days. The epidemic of coronavirus, a new, previously unknown to science dangerous disease, has destroyed the usual way of our life. The modern world has not yet faced such crises and did not face the need to take such ambitious quarantine measures," First Vice President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva said, ONA reports.

Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva noted that coronavirus pandemic proved to be the hardest test for the modern healthcare system: "Even many advanced, developed countries cannot successfully cope with it. These days, the fight against coronavirus is already being compared to war. This is really a war. A war, literally, with an invisible enemy. Azerbaijan, like many countries, is forced to take emergency measures, close its borders, and introduce a strict quarantine regime. The fight against invisible danger is going on in many directions today. It requires hard work, difficult and responsible decisions from many people of different professions. But the most important and most difficult task today is solved by our doctors, our doctors, our nurses, technical personnel, scientists and laboratory assistants. They are at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. Their every-minute decisions, their professional knowledge and skills, their dedication and compassion are our main weapons and our hope."

Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva emphasized that these days, we are rethinking what the medical profession is called a sacred mission: "Indeed, she always required deep knowledge and refined skills. But today, our medical staff also required great personal courage. And they are honorably passing this difficult exam. An entire army of our medical workers has joined the fight against the epidemic. Among them are men and women, sophisticated and very young, recognized luminaries and only graduates of medical universities, nurses, technicians and orderlies who have just entered the profession. They all save our fellow citizens - those who are infected with the coronavirus and those who have avoided meeting this mortal danger. Our dear medical workers,I express to each of you a deep appreciation for everything - for your dedication, for your work to the limit of possibilities, for your everyday feat. Today the best qualities of our people are manifested in you - courage and compassion, responsibility and humanity, warmth and mutual assistance. I bow to you for your heroic work, for work with full dedication. I am sure that you are doing and will continue to do everything in your power to stop this terrible epidemic. We infinitely believe in you, in your professionalism.

I wish you courage, patience and, most importantly, health! May the Allah bless you!"