Fuad Abbasov: I was deported from Russia on contract based

  • 15:05 02 July 2019

Fuad Abbasov: I was deported from Russia on contract based

"On May 16, I was attacked by three civilians in a building where I lived, without any warning. They did not introduce themselves. Anyone would have resisted if were me,” said journalist Fuad Abbasov at a press conference today, ONA reports.

"Civilians later told me that they are law enforcement officers. They brought me to the Khimki City Court. Not providing me with a lawyer, worked out protocol without a secretary's participation in the court. The judge passed sentence on me within 15 minutes. They did not even allow me to make a phone call. After all, it became clear to me that this was a contract based,” Abbasov said.

F. Abbasov noted that employees of the Consulate Section of the Azerbaijan Embassy to Russia met with him in the detention center: “I was backed to the detention center without any reason from the way to the airport on June 7. Thus, I had to stay their due to the order of an unknown person. We even bought tickets to return the home country twice.” 

Note that on May 16, Khimki police detained Fuad Abbasov for violating immigration laws. Abbasov was placed in a temporary detention center for foreign citizens in the city of Korolev, Moscow Region. On May 17, the court made a decision on his deportation from the Russian Federation.

Farid Mirzayev

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