Global COVID-19 death toll exceeds 150,000

  • 04:48 18 April 2020

Global COVID-19 death toll exceeds 150,000

As of this article's publication, some 150,948 people have died due to the novel coronavirus worldwide, and a total of 2,214,861 individuals have been diagnosed with the contagious disease, ONA reports. 

For comparison, on March 16, the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide had reached around 150,000, while the death toll was reported to be around 6,000, according to NPR. 

The US, which recently announced it would cut off funding to the World Health Organization over the pandemic, has 683,786 confirmed COVID-19 cases - the most reported by any nation in the world. At least 34,575 US individuals infected with the disease have died, according to current reports from the country. 

Italy has revealed that around 22,745 people have died there from the novel coronavirus, and 172,434 individuals have been diagnosed with the disease over the past several weeks. The European country recently announced that it would be launching contact tracing via smartphones to assist in tracking those infected and warn others of their risk level of catching COVID-19 based on their location. 

A total of 564,525 people who contracted the novel coronavirus have been logged as recovered, according to Johns Hopkins. 

Faig Mahmudov