Goshgar Tahmazli: “About 100 employees of AFSA dismissed”

  • 16:29 29 December 2019

Goshgar Tahmazli: “About 100 employees of AFSA dismissed”

Since the time of commencement of functioning of Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency (AFSA) up to now, about 100 employees of the agency have been dismissed, Goshgar Tahmazli, Chairman of the Agency said in a statement, ONA reports. 

He said these persons had been dismissed because they couldn’t manage their job well: "The AFSA has appealed to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office in regard with the negative cases. Consequently, it has been revealed that our 3 employees have taken part in illegal actions, and there have been a criminal constituent in their actions. Currently they are serving their terms of imprisonment”.

G. Tahmazli noted that since then the persons having committed errors in their work would also be penalized according to the procedure stipulated in relevant Law.