Health Ministry: No state can hide infection

  • 17:17 25 February 2020

Health Ministry: No state can hide infection

“Infection is such a phenomenon that can’t be concealed. China couldn’t hide it, Iran couldn’t hide, no state can hide it and doesn’t even have the interest in doing so. On the contrary, if there is a suspicious case, we should share the information about it so that people would be careful”, the Deputy Director of the Republican Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Health Afag Aliyeva said in an interview with APA TV while commenting the voice recordings disseminated in social networks regarding the coronavirus, ONA reports.

She said these are not an information provided by an official institution, and are the voice recordings of provocative nature: “The hospital’s management also made a statement that these recordings are the information that is not consistent with the reality. Currently, there is not a coronavirus in the country. We have the capacity to combat coronavirus”.