II Baku Summit of World Religious Leaders ends

  • 13:37 15 November 2019

II Baku Summit of World Religious Leaders ends

II Baku Summit of World Religious Leaders held on November 14-15 with participation of leaders of different religious confessions and sects, political, social, scientific and religious figures of various countries and international organizations in Baku, has ended, ONA reports.

Leaders and representatives of more than 70 countries, 25 traditional religions and religious sects from 5 continents, as well as about 500 high-level representatives from around 10 influential international organizations, including religious leaders of the Russian Federation will attend the event.

Leaders expressed their deep concerns regarding to terrorism, discrimination on different grounds, xenophobia, increase of impatience on religious and ethnical grounds, purposeful falsification of religious values by terrorist and extremist groups, destruction of cultural, religious, and historical heritage, as well as non-establishment of peace, global dialogue, and universal solidarity as a result of massive flow of migrants, which reached disastrous level, in the event which lasted for 2 days.

Baku Declaration has been adopted on the finals of II Baku Summit of World Religious Leaders.

Attaching great importance to the development of international cooperation, forming of religious-state relations, strengthening of inter civilization and inter-religious relations, preservation of various national-cultural values and traditions of multiculturalism by Azerbaijan is emphasized in the final document.

Farid Mirzayev