“It's unbearable, young people are dying before our eyes” - [color=red]DOCTORS RISE ALARM[/color] - [color=red]VIDEO[/color]

  • 16:26 24 June 2020

“It's unbearable, young people are dying before our eyes” - DOCTORS RISE ALARM - VIDEO

Not only the patients being here, but also the doctors in white coats are waging a fight against the reality of life named as death, and their vital force runs short: “We ourselves also don’t know whom we fight with. This disease is not a cut blood vessel that we can suture, and not a bone fracture that we can put in plaster. We don’t know what to do when we attend a patient”.

As long as we look at the pair of eyes of these people that are very hardly noticed behind protective glasses, we see the hope, the joy, the grief babbling there and all other feelings experienced by them, and thereafter we conceive the life with its full meaning and we understand the extent of difficulty of the situations encountered by the unseen heroes: “We can’t bear this anymore, young people pass away in front of our eyes”.

During the early times of the spread of the infection, as far as we came across videos on social networks depicting the crying doctors working abroad, we felt sorry for this hard trial of mankind. And we also understood that this time it won’t be possible to easily overcome the common calamity by joint efforts.

We didn’t have to wait much for coming into our country of this painful calamity that has engulfed the whole world. Although we were caught by surprise as a state, we managed to mobilize all our capabilities in a short time. Not waiting for the arrival of the invisible enemy revolting in our neighbor countries, we took all preparatory measures. But they were useless. COVID-19 was showing its force originating from its invisibility. Thanks to the people who stayed at home, took care of their families and relatives, complied with requirements and recommendations, we prepared to beat off the infection, when suddenly the repeatedly increasing daily infection cases showed that the situation wasn’t simple at all.

Those, who say “there is no coronavirus”, of course, are unaware of such stressful feelings of a mother, who has to be away from her children for a long period of time. Doctors, who work hard in such difficult situation, are not able to stand difficulty and cruelty of the death. They have just one wish: to defeat the virus honestly.

Eyes of these doctors will laugh when they leave the “battlefield” as a winner. These people, who have been loyal to their vows for many years and consider their patients as their relatives, look death in the eye directly now. It would be easy to say “there is not coronavirus. It is just a game.” for them, if they were the audience of the fight, but not participants.

Medical employees, whose nights and days have changed and who fight for 8 hours in a protective suit without eating and drinking water, ask people to protect themselves.

Through APA TV, Kamala khanum who works every day in resuscitation with the patients in severe condition, and herself infected with coronavirus and recovered, calls on her other colleagues and states that they need their help: “I infected with COVID-19 too. Despite I was ill, I helped people. We need qualified Reanimatologist doctors. Our strength has run out off. We ask doctors to help us.”

These shots are just a small part of the events that we witnessed during an hour in “Yeni Klinika”. We tried to reflect the lives and dreams of invisible heroes in front of your eyes although with a few shots. Here doctors have only one hope and expectation in order to be winner: the people will protect themselves, and as a result, all the wards will be empty, and they will be free from these airless clothes and will reunite with their family in a healthy and honest form.