Lankaran RCH: Patients test negative for coronavirus

  • 11:55 25 February 2020

Lankaran RCH: Patients test negative for coronavirus

The growth of number of people infected with and died from coronavirus in Iran has aroused concern in the southern region of Azerbaijan bordering with Iran, ONA’s local bureau reports.

Especially in recent days, the news not reflecting the truth have been disseminated in the region. The news about placement in hospital of over 30 children with coronavirus suspicion in Lankaran is one of such fake news. 

Lankaran Regional Central Hospital (RCH) told ONA that currently the medical institution is functioning in the ordinary working mode. It was noted that the patients placed in the hospital tested negative for coronavirus: “The number of people appealed to hospital is not as many as mentioned in the disseminated fake news. The appeals are associated with acute respiratory diseases which is usually widely spread in winter season”.

The Head of Pediatric Department of the Hospital Chingiz Rustamov told ONA that every day 10-15 people appeal to this medical institution: “Since our city is the administrative center of the region, the people from the surrounding regions also come to our hospital. There is not any growth in the number of sick people. These news are exaggerated and fake. There is not any threat".

The Head of the Infectious Diseases Department of the Hospital Zafar Farzaliyev said currently one of the 2 patients being in the hospital have tested positive for hepatitis, and another patient have tested positive for droplet airborne respiratory infection: “And other patients have recovered and have been discharged from the hospital”.

We would like to note for information that in the last statement given to ONA from the Ministry of Health it is mentioned that the situation regarding coronavirus is stable in our country, and no suspicious case has been detected. The Ministry of Health asks the country’s citizens to approach sensitively the mentioned issue and not to trust in the news disseminated in social networks in order to create artificial turmoil.