Man dies of Anthrax in Azerbaijan

  • 17:30 31 July 2019

Man dies of Anthrax in Azerbaijan

Two people applied to the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Sabirabad Central District Hospital with high temperature, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan told ONA.

According to the Ministry, primarily, they considered reason of their high temperature was fever. However, lately, as their conditions worsened, their relatives decided to come to the hospital.

Fazil Aliyev, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, considered they have Anthrax symptoms during an examination. That was why taken examples were sent to Anti-plague Station in Imishli district. Specialists of the AP Station, analyzing examples, approved Anthrax diagnosis.

After determination of the diagnosis, relatives decided to take the ill persons to Baku. The infected persons were taken to the Clinical Medicine Center on July 25. One of the infected persons- a 60-year-old man died on July 29. Doctors said that Anthrax was in the thumb of his right hand. Their condition was heavy when they were taken to the hospital. Treatment of the other infected person is being continued at the moment.

Noted that this illness is caught during the treatment of the infected animal. A person is not infected from a person. This illness was recorded in 10 people in 2014, 9 people in 2015, 10 people in 2016, 6 people in 2017, 9 people in 2018, and 7 people in 2019. It has never resulted in the death of an effected person.