Measures to be taken against coronavirus in Azerbaijan disclosed - [color=red]LIST[/color]

  • 14:28 28 January 2020

Measures to be taken against coronavirus in Azerbaijan disclosed - LIST

The joint meeting involving the Working group for control of infectious diseases of Territorial Medical Divisions’ Management Association (TMDMA) and senior officials of the State Customs Committee has been held in regard to the counter-epidemic measures that will be implemented against coronavirus "2019-nCoV", the TMDMA told ONA.

The TMDMA Board Chairman Ramin Bayramlı opened the meeting with an introductory speech and talked about the infection control measures that should be urgently implemented at the country’s border crossing points and medical treatment institutions against coronavirus “2019-nCoV” virus which was detected recently i.e. in December 2019 in the People’s Republic of China.

The information was provided at the meeting in regard to the epidemiological status of the mentioned virus at the world and country-level, types of the virus, distribution area, the resilience of the virus in the external environment and the existing level of mortality arising from this disease.

Note that meeting the requirements of sanitary hygienic, anti-epidemic regimes and the implementation of disinfection measures have been enhanced in medical institutions, the special wards have been allocated for patients suspected of acute respiratory virus infection, especially for hospitalization of children and elderly population.