Munich police officers suspended from work

  • 16:30 16 March 2019

Munich police officers suspended from work

This comes after the German Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported last week that state police opened an investigation in an alleged right-wing extremist network in the Frankfurt police force, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

A total of 13 Munich police officers are under investigation over work and legal violations, which include the sharing of objectionable content via social networks, the police headquarters said in a statement on Friday.

The statement cited five officers who have been suspended from work since February and eight others who were transferred to different duties in early March.

The officers, who were part of the "Support Commando" group, are accused of sharing two YouTube videos with “possible anti-Semitic” content as well as an image of swastika graffiti in a Munich park with their former and current colleagues in chat apps.

The evidence was discovered on one of the officers’ mobile phone that was being examined as part of a separate investigation into a possible sexual offence.

Investigators also found a video which documents the use of electroshock Tasers on other officers during a training session, something that violates police rules.

Possible charges against the officer are currently considered by the Munich public prosecutor's office and the Bavarian State Office for Criminal Investigation.

Last week, state criminal police set up a special investigative group after a group of police officers allegedly sent a threatening letter to a lawyer of Turkish background who represented Islamic extremists in court. Among other threats, the officers vowed that the will “slay” the lawyer’s daughter.
The developments come after a study by the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) revealed in July 2018 that Jews and Israelis are now most frequently threatened through the Internet, where anti-Semitic attacks and insults are becoming “more hateful and more radical”.

Aida Tinayeva

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