New project against COVID-19 kicks off in Azerbaijan

  • 12:12 16 April 2020

New project against COVID-19 kicks off in Azerbaijan

On the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), with support of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, State Agency for Mandatory Medical Insurance, Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) and Ministry of Health, at the hospital in regions of Azerbaijan, the REACT-C19  project is launched in order to strengthen key skills related to measures of fight against COVID-19, said Ramin Bayramli, chairman of Board of TABIB at the presentation of REACT-C19 project, ONA reports.

He said 19 Azerbaijani doctors working in Turkey will participate in the project.

The purpose of the project is to rapidly develop the key skills related to COVID-19 at the hospitals in regions selected for treatment at the present time of the patients infected with COVID-19: “It has been envisaged in the framework of the project to hold intensive training courses in implementation of the sorting triage system in hospitals situated in regions, prevention and taking under control of the infections, management of the cases of infection with this disease, installation of the resuscitation systems, creation and long-term maintenance of the systems necessary for personnel in the hospitals, and to create online, mobile or digital technologies in order to support the newly trained specialists at those hospitals”.

R. Bayramli noted that the specialists in prevention and taking under control of the infection, triage sorting, management of infection cases and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) are represented in each of the four groups created from the Azerbaijani doctors coming from Turkey: "These specialists have been trained in the selected universities of Turkey, have received real practices in the mentioned areas and have been given relevant instructions. Besides, they have also mastered the knowledge related to management of changes and fight against stress. As the doctors and paramedics are specialists in their own specialization areas, the purpose of the training courses to renew and standardize their knowledge and skills, and to provide them with extra innovative resources. The hospital preparation groups will receive training during two weeks at each hospital under leadership of the hospital directors and chief physicians. Each group before starting its activity at next hospital will hand over the system management responsibility to the personnel at the current hospital".

R. Bayramli said in the framework of the project, an online platform will also be commissioned for the medical workers and by means of that platform, they will be able to receive trainings and presentations, video lessons from mentors and statistical data.