Number of coronavirus cases worldwide reaches 5.5 million

  • 10:38 25 May 2020

Number of coronavirus cases worldwide reaches 5.5 million

The novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) which started to spread from China’s Wuhan City has already caused infection with this virus of about 5.5 million people worldwide, ONA reports citing “Worldometer”.

According to the statistics as of 05:00 a.m. Baku time, during the past day, the infection with the virus has been detected in 96,505 people, thereby the total number of infected people has reached 5,494,455.

The growth has also been observed in number of deaths. During the past day, 2,826 people lost their lives as a result of contraction of this virus. And the total number of people died from this fatal virus was 346,434. So far, 2,299,345 people have recovered, and currently there are 2,848,676 active infected patients, of which the health condition of 53,224 people is severe.

The greatest number of infection cases is observed on the American continent. During the past 24 hours, 52,382 people tested positive for the virus on this continent, thereby the total number of the infected people reached 2,509,189. So far, 145,641 people have deceased. A total of 802,168 people have recovered.

Europe occupies the second place. During the past day, 15,849 people have contracted COVID-19 on this continent (with the total number of coronavirus cases being 1,901,749), while 569 people have passed away from the same diagnosis (the total death toll being 169,844). The number of recovered people is 882,607.

The highest number of coronavirus cases by countries were recorded in the USA (1,686,436), Brazil (363,618), Russia (344,481), Spain (282,852), the UK (259,559), Italy (229,858), France (182,584), Germany (180,328), Turkey (156,827) and India (138,536).