Operational Headquarters: Woman who quarantined after returning from Iran dies

  • 18:54 12 March 2020

Operational Headquarters: Woman who quarantined after returning from Iran dies

The operative task force under Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic has disseminated information, ONA reports citing the information received from the task force.

As the chronic problems continued in the health of the citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic, a female born in 1969 having returned to Azerbaijan after passing medical treatment in the Islamic Republic of Iran, she appealed to a hospital.

During the medical examinations, the grave autoimmune disease of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, the 4th grade lupus nephritis and the last stage of chronic kidney failure were detected in her body. On the backdrop of the severe autoimmune disease, the grave lung damage and the associated respiratory failure, as well as the grave immune failure resulting from high-dose steroid and chemical medicine treatment have been detected in the patient.

At the same time, that person has tested positive for the coronavirus infection. The patient has been placed in the hospital with special working mode, her condition has been taken under control and the implementation of the intensive treatment measures has been continued.

Despite all the efforts made, the chronic aggravation associated with the person’s severe autoimmune disease has deepened, the multiple organ failures have developed, and it hasn’t been possible to save her life.

The patient’s family members and other persons being in contact with her have been identified and quarantined.