Pandemic is under control in Azerbaijan - Yagut Garayeva

  • 13:12 23 November 2021

Pandemic is under control in Azerbaijan - Yagut Garayeva

"Given the coronavirus cases, the pandemic is under control. But I would like to mention some points. If we take into consideration things especially happen in the neighboring countries, we should be careful, and should not relax", Yagut Garayeva, head of the Disease Prevention and Control Department of TABIB told journalists, ONA reports.

According to her, the winter is coming, the weather is getting cold, it will be normal that people will spend more time indoor: 'We recommend booster dose vaccine as a readiness to the winter. It is early to say something about the fourth dose. We learn about the disease during the course of the pandemic. Investigations are underway in the whole world regarding the pandemic. We try to closely watch these investigations and react quickly. Vaccination process goes well in the country, we positively evaluate the process."