People selling drugs online caught in Baku - [color=red]PHOTO[/color]

  • 14:48 23 April 2020

People selling drugs online caught in Baku - PHOTO

The employees of the Main Drugs Combating Department have conducted another operation against the people engaged in illegal circulation and sale of narcotic substances in online mode, the Ministry of Internal Affairs told ONA.

The Main Department received operational information about implementation by persons named Farid and Seymur of sale of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances through Whatsapp instant messaging network. As a result of the operation aimed at overtaking of those persons, the capital city residents Farid Shamkhalov and his relative Seymur Shamkhalov were detained. During implementation of personal search of their bodies, 15 grams of narcotic drug heroin, 25 grams of psychotropic substance methamphetamine, 56 pieces of “Pregabalin” drug circulation and sale of which is banned, 40 pieces of “Tropin” drug, 2 pieces of “Ecstasy” pills and 1 piece of electronic scales were detected and confiscated. 

Note that the persons buying the narcotic drugs transferred money to accounts of F.Shamkhalov and S.Shamkhalov by means of various payment terminals, in the online mode. 

The criminal trial into this case has been initiated in accordance with relevant clauses of the Criminal Code. The employees of the Main Department are proceeding with operational and investigative measures in order to determine other criminal contacts of the detained drug couriers.