Persons producing forged alcoholic drinks arrested

  • 16:10 09 July 2020

Persons producing forged alcoholic drinks arrested

During December of 2019 and January of 2020, the criminal case has been initiated in the Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office based on relevant clauses of the Criminal Code in regard to the cases of poisoning and death of some people as a result of use of the alcoholic drinks containing methanol, the press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office told ONA.

It has been determined via investigation that Vurgun Ibadov as a senior state official engaged in private entrepreneurial activity, purchased from Azim Huseynov, former senior state official who passed registration as an individual entrepreneur whom he had conspired with beforehand with greedy intentions and in order to gain income, and sold to some people the alcoholic drinks being a homebrew food product of unknown origin while knowing beforehand that those drinks don’t meet quality standards, while implementing the retail sale of fruit and vegetable products to people at the Green bazaar trade center situated in Khatai Avenue of Narimanov district of Baku City.

Consequently, the grounded suspicions have been determined regarding the fact that the use of those alcoholic drinks containing methyl spirit that is dangerous for human life by Khayyam Baghirov, Geray Baghirov and Romel Baghirov and the exposure of all three of them to grave methanol poisoning have caused the light damage to health of Khayyam Baghirov and the death of Geray and Romel Baghirovs.

For the aforementioned unlawful actions, Vurghun Ibadov and Azim Huseynov have been brought to responsibility as the persons accused on the basis of clauses 200.4 (deceiving of consumers or production and sale of low-quality products and causing by negligence of death of the aggrieved person or other grave consequences) and 308.2 (abuse of official powers resulting in grave consequences) of the Criminal Code, and the remand in custody measure has been chosen in their regard by the court’s decision.