President: "Commissioning of this hospital will, of course, create additional opportunities for us in the fight against coronavirus"

  • 09:36 31 March 2020

President: "Commissioning of this hospital will, of course, create additional opportunities for us in the fight against coronavirus"

"A new hospital is starting to operate today – one of the largest in our country. This is a very significant event. The hospital meets all modern standards. The appearance of the building is beautiful, in architectural terms it imparts additional beauty to our city. Most importantly, the hospital uses the most modern standards, the latest equipment has been purchased and all the work related to the equipment has been completed at the highest level. I believe that this is the leading hospital in Azerbaijan in terms of equipment and services that will be provided here," President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at the inauguration ceremony of “Yeni klinika" medical institution in Baku, on March 28, 2020, ONA reports.

"As you know, this hospital was built on my initiative. I remember that when this decision was made some people felt that it was not necessary because many hospitals have been built in our country in recent years and it was believed that there was no need for a new large hospital. However, life is proving that it was a very correct and timely decision because patients infected with coronavirus will be treated here from tomorrow. Until the end of the pandemic, only patients infected with coronavirus will be treated in this hospital. Therefore, the commissioning of this hospital will, of course, create additional opportunities for us in the fight against coronavirus.

I should also note that the hospital was scheduled for opening at the end of the summer and beginning of fall. However, due to the pandemic, work was stepped up, additional funds were allocated, resources were mobilized, and we are thus entering a phased operation of the hospital. The hospital has 575 beds. However, at the first stage, 100 and then 300 beds will be available to patients. The total area of the hospital is about 100,000 square meters. There are 70 emergency rooms here. This forms an important part of the care of patients infected with coronavirus. There are 21 operating rooms here. There is currently no need for these operating rooms. However, at the end of the pandemic, the hospital will continue to operate according to its profile.

I believe that the placement of patients with coronavirus here is the right decision because these people are currently the most sensitive group, and their treatment and provision of the necessary medical services to them is the most important issue now. You, doctors, are well aware that even the most developed countries are experiencing major problems in the fight against this disease. About a thousand people die in these countries every day. If there are such major problems associated with this disease in countries with highly developed medicine, then it is not difficult to imagine what problems we may encounter. Therefore, in order to provide coronavirus patients with the highest quality care, the most modern and best hospital in our country is being made available to them, and you, doctors, will provide them with services here.

In general, a lot of work has been done in recent years to improve the healthcare system in our country. Since 2004, more than 750 medical institutions have been built or overhauled. I personally attended the opening of many of them," President Ilham Aliyev stated.