Regulations on individual and preparatory lessons determined

  • 18:25 02 May 2020

Regulations on individual and preparatory lessons determined

Regulations on the activity of individual and preparatory lessons during the pandemics have been defined, ONA reports.

It has been noted in the information on the methodical document on prevention from coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in different trade and service sector, offices, approved by the Main State sanitary doctor of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Regulations are the following: 

• Online teaching process should be preferred; 

• Teaching process should be held in well-ventilated rooms during individual and preparatory lessons;

• Use of medical masks is necessary during the teaching process;

• Keeping social distance during the teaching process is necessary (not less than one meter);

• Teaching facilities should not be used jointly;

• Private hygiene rules should be followed seriously;

• There should be 15 minutes of break among groups and room should be ventilated during the break.