Universities and secondary schools in Azerbaijan to teach religion

  • 13:03 29 April 2019

Universities and secondary schools in Azerbaijan to teach religion

“The Caucasian Muslims Office has permitted the Quran courses. The State also considers having Quran courses important at universities and secondary schools,” Chairman to the State Committee on Religious Associations of the Republic of Azerbaijan Murariz Gurbanli said at Cadi Council of Caucasian Muslims Office and Scientific and Religious Council of the Caucasian Muslim Board (CMB), ONA reports.

M. Gurbanli noted that a compulsory subject on Islamic religion and other religions will be taught at all universities since September of the next year: “Students will pass the exam on these subjects. The Islamic religion occupies a higher place among them. The textbooks have already been prepared. The Ministry of Education has sent these textbooks to the State Committee. Information about Islamic religion has been added to educational programs of all secondary schools. Islam will be taught to students from primary classes of secondary school. Theologian scholars consider this. All issues are taken into consideration so that students are not taught any wrong information.”