Repairs start at Icherisheher’s Gosha Gala gates - [color=red]PHOTO[/color]

  • 11:42 08 May 2019

Repairs start at Icherisheher’s Gosha Gala gates - PHOTO

Restoration and conservation are being carried out at the Gosha Gala gates of Icherisheher in Baku, the Icherisheher State Historical-Architectural Reserve Department told ONA.

According to the project, in 2019, the Gosha Gala gates will undergo restoration and conservation both from the Icheri Sheher (internal) and Bayir Sheher (facade) sides.

The restoration and conservation started from the inside of the fortress walls.

At present, the monument is being restored from outside, including two towers near the Gosha Gala gates.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The restoration and conservation are carried out by Austria’s well-known Atelier Erich Pummer GmbH.