Responsibilities of mediator identified in Azerbaijan

  • 12:25 16 March 2019

Responsibilities of mediator identified in Azerbaijan

It is reflected on the 12th Article of the newly drafted Law “On Mediation” (rights and responsibilities of the mediator), ONA reports.

According to the new document that the mediator has the following responsibilities:

1. Follow the principles of mediation

2. Obtain the relevant certification by attending refresher courses in no less one time in two years.

3. Operate only within the agreement of the dispute sides

4. Explain the purpose, rights and responsibilities of the mediation before the beginning of the mediation.

5. Return back of the documents given to him/her while mediation process.

It should be noted that mediator – is a person who is involved by the conflict sides for professionally realization of the mediation, appointed by mediation organization and who meet the requirement of the Law.