Rules for public transportation during pandemics determined

  • 17:19 02 May 2020

Rules for public transportation during pandemics determined

Methodical instructions in public transportation regarding prevention of coronavirus infection (COVİD-19), has been approved, APA reports.

The document has been prepared on the basis of current scientific research facts of coronavirus infection in order to protect health of employees and passengers of public transportation.

According to the current information, people are infected with coronavirus through directly air-drops or when they touch their mouths, eyes, nose, etc. after touching contaminated surfaces indirectly.

In many cases, light symptoms are observed in infected people during the disease, but severe symptoms are observed in infected elder people and/or those, who have other diseases. 

Preventive measures of the disease include hygiene of hands, maintaining social distance, no-touch eyes, nose, and hygiene of the respiratory system.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, which are jointly used in public places decrease infection risk.

General instructions:

Following should be provided:

• Distribution of duties in order to provide continuity of passenger transportation, and creation of relevant condition for working at office and home for their implementation;

• Informing working staff on private hygiene measures;

• Employees should regularly been provided with preventive and disinfective measns by employers;

• Delivery of information and awaring materials on prevention from the infection to passengers should be provided via tables in transportation means, and so on.