SBS: Armed incident occurred in Azebaijani-Iranian border, one died

  • 13:05 06 July 2021

SBS: Armed incident occurred in Azebaijani-Iranian border, one died

The State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues measures to combat drug trafficking, the press service of State Border Service told ONA.

On July 5, at 23:45 violation of the state border from the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Azerbaijan by 5 unknown persons was detected by the border guard in the service area of the border post of the State Border Service “Goytapa” border detachment near Sarkhanli village of Jalilabad region. It was observed that border violators were armed with arm and night vision devices, one of them had a bag likely containing drug inside it.

The frontier outpost was alerted by “To arms” command, the service area was closed. Although “Stop” command was given outpost and the warning fire was opened into the air by the border patrol unit, the border violators didn’t obey the command and resisted with a gun, opened fire with automatic weapons, and caused danger for lives of the border guards.

During follow of the border violators, a weapon was used by the border outpost in accordance with requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On the State Border of the Republic of Azerbaijan", one of the violators – Azerbaijani citizens Gurbanov Mazahir Sahil (1992), wanted by law-enforcement bodies, got a bullet wound, he was provided with emergent medical assistance and taken to the Jalilabad District Central Hospital, but the violator died on the road. Other border violators used thick forest and dark weather, fled back to the territory of Iran.

During an inspection of the territory, narcotic substances with an approximate weight of 6895 grams ( 4065 grams of heroin, 1385 grams of opium, 325 grams of methamphetamine, 1000 “methadone M-40” pills, 260 Pregabalin) and medications (10 ampoules - ravit 8, 30 capsules - Wellman, 10 ampoules – testosterone) have been detected and taken in a bag illegally passed to the territory of AR by the border violators.