Sea level in the Caspian decreased by 18 cm

  • 15:04 31 October 2019

Sea level in the Caspian decreased by 18 cm

“Water level in the Caspian Sea has decreased by 18 centimeters in comparison with the previous year due to decrease in rainfall and increase in temperature”, said Seyyid Masuma Bani Hashimi, the head of National Research Center of Caspian Sea said, ONA’s Tehran bureau reports.

He stated that decrease in rainfall in Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan leads to decrease in water level in the Caspian Sea.

“Drop in waters of Volga River, flowing into the Caspian Sea, is also one of the main reasons as well”, head of the Center noted.

Note that 130 short or long rivers flow into the Caspian Sea. Main of them are Volga (80%), Kura River (6%), and Ural River (5%).