SEC: "Certain researches conducted regarding online examinations"

  • 13:57 21 April 2020

SEC: "Certain researches conducted regarding online examinations"

“We conducted certain researches regarding online examinations. As I noted, the main issue is the fairness principle. Everybody should have at home certain software, computer, camera, etc. for online examination. We consider this issue as well”, said Maleyka Abbaszade, chair of the Board of the State Examination Center (SEC) at the online press conference held for journalists, APA reports.

He said this issue depends on changing of the quarantine rules: “The tracking of security of the examination is a very serious technical issue for implementation of online examination, and very large material resources are needed for ensuring such security. In this case, the speed of internet, etc. related not only to our organization are important, these are the complex issues. In this case, not only online, but also offline examinations are being discussed. We conduct consultations with the Ministry of Education in regard to this issue in order to identify the extent of possibility of tracking that process”.