Smuggling of 84 kg of narcotic substance from Iran into Azerbaijan prevented - [color=red]PHOTO[/color]

  • 14:34 26 September 2020

Smuggling of 84 kg of narcotic substance from Iran into Azerbaijan prevented - PHOTO

The smuggling through state border into the Republic of Azerbaijan of massive quantity of narcotic substances has been prevented by the State Border Service (SBS), the SBS told ONA.

On September 25, the movement of 3 persons from the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the Republic of Azerbaijan was observed by border patrol unit on the service area of frontier outpost near the 2nd Shahseven village of Beylagan region on the service territory of Horadiz border detachment of the Border Troops and the stop order was given to those persons and a warning fire was opened into the air. But the border violaters not obeying order of the border patrol unit ran back to Iran’s territory.  

The search measures were implemented on that territory. As a result of the search measures, 1 suspicious person with 4 pieces of parcels hiding among shrubberies was detained. During visual inspection of the parcels, the substances looking like narcotic substance with total weight of 84 kg 660 gr (52 kg of substance looking like opium, 32 kg 650 gr of substance looking like heroin, 10 gr of substance looking like marijuana and 120 pieces of pills looking like Metadon-40 pill) were detected inside of them.

It was determined that the detained person is Suleymanov Elshan Vagif born in 1983 and he was convicted previously for illicit traffic in narcotic drugs.

As a result of the urgent operational and search measures implemented in the area of determination of other members of the criminal group, the mechanical transport vehicle of VAZ-2107 brand with 19-BE-007 state registration number plate moving on the near-border territory was detained.   

Driver of the automobile, resident of the 1st Shahseven village of Beylagan region Orujov Genjaly Ali born in 1956 and passengers – residents of Yevlakh region Mammadov Faig Farman born in 1982 and Gorchuzade Ibrahim Israil born in 1969 confessed the criminal action committed by them and said they came to that territory in order to take narcotic substance.

The operational and investigative measures for this case are being continued.