Some of work and service areas are resumed activity in Azerbaijan

  • 00:01 27 April 2020

Some of work and service areas are resumed activity in Azerbaijan

The duration of the special quarantine regime applied in the country was extended by Decision No 144 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 18 April 2020. The current sanitary-epidemiological situation with the COVID-19 virus, in particular, the dynamics and geography of the spread of the disease, the density of people in quarantine zones and the incidence of the virus among them have been analyzed and the decision has been reached to relax some of the restrictions as of 27 April 2020, APA reports.

Thus, starting from 00:00 on 27 April 2020 on the territory of Azerbaijan activities in the following work and service areas are resumed:

● Individual teaching and tutoring services (excluding group classes)

● Sale of books

● Sale of newspapers

● Sale of stationery

● Printing and copying activities

● Photo studios

● Cleaning services in individual apartments

● Tailor’s services

● Sale of cosmetics and perfumes

● Sale of clothes

● Sale of shoes and leather goods

● Sale of gold and other jewelry and pawnshop activities

● Sale and repair of mobile devices, spare parts and accessories

● Sale and repair of computer equipment

● Sale of electronics and home appliances

● Sale of furniture

● Sale of automobiles

● Sale of chemical products

● Sale of flowers and plants

● Sale of agricultural machinery, spare parts and equipment

● Sale of fertilizers and agrochemical products

Restrictions on the activities in the above-mentioned areas located within shopping centers and malls remain in force.