Some restrictions in territories, where special quarantine regime applied, maintained

  • 18:41 12 September 2020

Some restrictions in territories, where special quarantine regime applied, maintained

Restrictions, applied in the territories where special quarantine regime applied until September 30, on certain fields have been maintained, Cabinet of Ministers told ONA.

These restrictions are as following: 

- entry and exit from/to the country by land and air transport, excluding cargo transportation;

- passenger transportation from cities and regions of the republic by land and air transport;

- receive of citizens in groups and individual form in the site in body institutions, excluding ASAN Service and DOST Centers;

- organization and holding religious ceremonies, as well as mourning ceremonies in ceremonial halls, tents, and other closed places, excluding funeral ceremonies;

- holding all mass events, as well as cultural-sport events (excluding outdoor sports competitions without spectators);

- organization of services, as well as organization of events, including birthdays, weddings, engagements, and similar ceremonies in the client's home or other places;

- gathering of more than 10 people in public places, including streets, boulevards, parks, and other places (excluding close relatives, it means father-mother, grandfather-grandmother, children and siblings);

- activity of resting and amusement places, as well as children entertainment places (including in the territory of boulevard and parks);

- activity of cultural objects, cinemas, theatres (excluding museums and exhibition halls), and sport halls;

- activity of children and other entertainment places, cinemas, and public catering facilities within the large trade centers; 

- use of hookah equipment in public catering facilities; 

- visit of patients, treated in medical institutions by their relatives; 

- sport, health-recovery service (excluding medical services in this field);

- activity of massage and saunas.