Son and relatives of MP Igbal Mammadov refused to file appeal

  • 14:29 02 September 2019

Son and relatives of MP Igbal Mammadov refused to file appeal

Appeal complaint hasn’t been filed regarding arrest warrant issued against Mirhamid Narimanli, son of Igbal Mammadov, MP of Azerbaijani parliament and his nephew Orkhan Narimanli regarding the incident happened at the “Relax” recreation center at the Lerik district, ONA reports.

Note that on August 16, employees of the Ministry of Taxes, who arrived at the business entity to carry out control measures, encountered resistance and obstruction of their legitimate activities. Despite the measures taken to clarify and inform, the relevant decisions on the audit were made, the access of tax officers to the territory was not allowed. The intervention of the employees of the Lerik district police department, as well as representatives of the executive power of the Lerik region in the case, did not give positive results, people who identified themselves as officials of the Recreation Center attacked tax officers and police officers, injured them. In addition, cars that were in the use of the Ministry of Taxes service and in the personal use of employees of the Ministry were damaged with stones.

A criminal case has been launched on the case, an investigation team of experienced police officers and prosecutors has been created. In addition, officials of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Ministries of Taxes and Internal Affairs were sent to the district.

Narimanli Mirhamid Igbal, Narimanli Orkhan Chingiz, Shahverdiyev Rahim Bahlul, and Abbasov Amir Nagizade, executing organizational-manager and administrative functions of the Recreational Center, were involved to the court as the accused persons in accordance with 309.2 (Application of violence or with threat of its application, or with application of weapon or other special means, or entailed heavy consequences) and 315.2 (Application of the violence dangerous to life or health, concerning a persons specified in article) articles of the Criminal Code and arrest warrant was issued.