[color=red]SURVEY[/color]: Azeri-Press Agency elected Best Agency of the Year

  • 09:00 23 July 2019

SURVEY: Azeri-Press Agency elected Best Agency of the Year

Survey center of the Azerbaijan-Slavic Youth Association (ASGA) has conducted another traditional survey among readers in connection with the 144th anniversary of the creation of the national press, chairman of the ASGA told ONA.

According to him, about 1000 people participated in the nomination of "Best Agency of the Year", "Best TV of the Year" and "The Best Newspaper of the Year".

Participants of the survey determined the winners based on such criteria such as preservation of the traditions of professional media, efficiency, the protection of their principles, etc.

In the nomination of "The best agency of the year", Azeri-Press Agency  (APA) LLC won. 

Note that the information support for the survey - 7news.az and icmal.az websites. 

Result of the survey:

I  – APA


III – Trend; 

IV  – Report.

Faig Mahmudov

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