TABIB issued statement regarding Clinical Medical Center

  • 14:33 22 June 2020

TABIB issued statement regarding Clinical Medical Center

In connection with the comments and video materials regarding the Clinical Medical Center disseminated on social networks, we state that the Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) is aware of the existing situation and deficiencies in the Medical Center, and the uninterrupted works are being done for the elimination of those deficiencies, TABIB told ONA.

In connection with the video materials disseminated on the social networks, we would like to note that the medicinal preparation named by the patient as the “Chinese medicine” is the Favipiravir preparation. Favipiravir is a chemical composition used as a medicinal preparation against various kinds of RNT viruses including coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. This medicinal preparation has been produced in Japan where it was used for the first time as a means of treatment of influenza and in addition to influenza, the efficiency of its use for the treatment of other grave virus infections has been confirmed. In Japan, the trade name of the medicinal preparation of the same content as Favipiravir is “Avigan”.

The efficiency of Favipiravir against coronavirus was proven as a result of the clinical researches conducted in China’s Wuhan and Shenzhen cities in March of 2020. The results of the examination showed that the period of existence of coronavirus in the human body reduced from 11 days to 4 days under the influence of Favipiravir, and the improvement of the condition of lungs damaged by the virus was observed in 91% of patients, while the number of patients with improved health condition not taking Favipiravir accounted for 62% of all patients in the control group. The peculiarity of the Favipiravir preparation is that a virus enduring its influence hasn’t yet been revealed. That medicinal preparation has been maintaining its efficiency throughout the period of the pandemic. Currently, the whole world is conducting wide clinical researches regarding that medicinal preparation. It is also worth mentioning that the special regime hospitals existing in our country have been provided with all medicinal preparations used in the treatment of COVID-19 infection worldwide.

Other medicine – Paracetamol is a medicine, which relieves fever and pain. It is used for relief of different kinds of pains (headache, toothache, neuralgia, muscle pains, rheumatic pains, menstrual cramps, burning pains, traumatic pains) and fever, and temperature, observed in infectious diseases.

According to another claim, a shortage of infectious disease doctors is observed and the objection is expressed due to the service of doctors of another specialty. Note that not only infectious disease doctors but doctors of different specialties are also involved in the fight against coronavirus pandemics in the world. Doctors of all specialties are serving patients in different pandemics hospitals in Azerbaijan too. But it does not mean that treatment in special regime hospitals is carried out arbitrary or without any basis. Treatment in all medical institutions is conducted with relevant protocols based on “COVID-19 - Interim guidance for medical staff compiled by TABIB. At the same time, each hospital is coordinated by an infectious disease specialist.

We once again note that the investigation regarding the Clinical Medical center is being continued and existing shortcomings will be eliminated taking into consideration the complaints and appeals of the patients.