TEAS Press Publishing House marks 5th anniversary

  • 12:28 15 November 2019

TEAS Press Publishing House marks 5th anniversary

Establishing in 2014 and currently becoming the most advanced publishing house in Azerbaijan TEAS PRESS marks 5th anniversary, ONA reports.

Over the years, the Publishing House has achieved to gain the readers' trust and affection for the quality of its products and the books that it has chosen.

Featuring with the books published differently and delightfully designs the TEAS Press has published more than books with 700 titles in five years.

Publishing books on popular-scientific, historical, motivation, economics and many other topics,  “3 alma” (three apples) and “YAY” (summer) books brands of the Publishing House differ from each other with the topics and age category.

Another priority of TEAS Press is publishing the books of foreign and local writers only after obtaining the copyright. Besides that translating the foreign publications from the original language by obtaining the copyright the TEAS Press has been able to gather a large number of translators, editors and proofreaders. As well as the copyright of the number of books that belong to TEAS Press has been purchased, translated into foreign languages and published in the very countries by foreign publishing houses.

Taking into consideration the constant attention and care of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to books and reading, TEAS Press aimed at to make a contribution the promotion of the reading in Azerbaijan with regularly organizing various events, signing days and book presentations

Taking into account the views and the wishes of its readers over the 5 years, TEAS Press is pleased to serve You!