The minimum wage increases to 180 AZN in Azerbaijan

  • 12:18 01 March 2019

The minimum wage increases to 180 AZN in Azerbaijan

The minimum wage in Azerbaijan will increase by 38.4 percent and will be 180 AZN and the minimum amount of labor pensions increased by 38.5% reaching to 160 manats according to the order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev dated February 8, 2019. The law adopted by the head of state envisages t to increase  he minimum pension by 38.5 percent from March 1, to 160 AZN. ONA reports. 

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, both of these increases will lead to the strengthening of the social well-being of the population of the Republic.

The increase in the minimum wage will cover 600 thousand people. Salaries of 450 thousand public sector employees will increase by 30 percent, and 150 thousand private sector employees - by 25 percent. To ensure growth annually, 400 million AZN will be allocated from the state budget, and within 10 months of this year - 335 million AZN.

Faig Mahmudov