Three state bodies to set on enhanced working mood related to Holy Gurban Bayrami

  • 10:54 06 August 2019

Three state bodies to set on enhanced working mood related to Holy Gurban Bayrami

Azerbaijan Food Security Agency, the Ministries of Agriculture and Internal Affairs have released a joint statement on the occasion of Gurban Bayrami, ONA reports. 

The statement reads: “On holidays, the Food Safety Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan will enhance the scope of measures to provide the population with safe meat and meat products. In this regard, we note that the felling and sale of animals should be carried out in places determined by the relevant state authorities, and not in places that do not meet sanitary and hygienic requirements (streets, roadside territories, quarters, parks and other public places). In connection with the holiday of Gurban Bayram, all three structures will work in heavy-duty. To ensure the proper implementation of slaughter during the holidays, 44 stationary and 30 tent points will be transferred to citizens.

The addresses of these points in the territories have already been communicated to the public through the media. It should also be noted that in points prepared according to the methodological recommendations of specialists, along with the sale of sacrificial animals, local executive structures will ensure their slaughter, procurement and provide other services.

On these holidays, the Agency for Food Security, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Interior recommend that those selling and slaughtering animals sell and slaughter animals in stationary and tent slaughterhouses that meet animal health and hygiene standards. Due to the fact that during the holidays there is a slaughter and sale of animals in unsanitary conditions, as well as on the streets and roadsides, citizens are asked to contact for all illegal facts the call service “102” of the Ministry of the Interior, “1003” of the Food Safety Agency and “ 1652 "Ministry of Agriculture."