Umayra Taghiyeva: "Observed rainy-windy weather negatively effects development of coronavirus"

  • 10:50 19 March 2020

Umayra Taghiyeva: "Observed rainy-windy weather negatively effects development of coronavirus"

Director of the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Umayra Tagiyeva has commented on the weather condition of recent days, ONA reports.

She stated that weather condition has obviously changed during recent days as it was expected. While in the first ten days of March temperature was higher than climate normal by 5-7 degrees on the background of the relatively low-pressure field and south-eastern and southern air flows, in recent 3 days weather temperature has dropped below perennial indicators and reached 6-8 degrees at daytime, which is close to the temperature of winter months.

Sometimes rainfall has been observed in the Republic. There was even snow with a height of  1-12 sm in mountainous regions. The north wind has strengthened: “As a result of this wind which is the rescuer of Absheron, air purification is visually seen. The weather has enriched with oxygen by entering Northwest anticyclone which determines synoptic situation and by relatively high-pressure area. Under the influence of strong winds, the dust and harmful substances that were contained in the air have been  removed, which have resulted in the purification of air in the lower layers of the atmosphere."

U. Tagiyeva said that according to the information of automatic stations on monitoring of the quality of the weather the pollution in Baku city has not exceeded the permissible limit.: “Although gloomy weather negatively influences to the mood of some people, optimistic people can see positive cases in such changes. For increasing optimism, we inform that according to the comments of doctors rainy windy weather conditions adversely affect to development of coronavirus infection. Even unstable weather can have a positive factor.”