Wave height reaches 3.2 meter at Oily Rocks in Azerbaijan

  • 13:25 21 April 2020

Wave height reaches 3.2 meter at Oily Rocks in Azerbaijan

The weather condition on the country’s territory remained relatively stable until morning on April 21, but in the evening and at night, the lightning struck in some north and east regions, short-term rain fell, and the north-west wind intensified beginning from the morning hours, the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENS) of the Azerbaijan Republic told APA.

The quantity of precipitation was 3 mm in Yardimli region, 2 mm in Goygol, Sharur, Shamkir, Lankaran regions, and 0.6 mm on the Oily Rocks.

The fog was observed in Bina settlement, Oily Rocks and Chilov islands, Khachmaz, Jafarkhan, Bilesuvar, Astara, Lenkeran and Nabran regions, the visibility was limited to 200-500 meters.

The west wind intensified to 24 m/s in Naftalan region, 23 m/s in Dashkesen region, 20 m/s in Khynalyg village, 15 m/s in Khaltan, and 15-20 m/s in Baku and Absheron offshore zone. According to the information provided by the Oily Rocks station, the wave height reached 3.2 meters.