WHO: 3,584 people die from coronavirus

  • 15:05 09 March 2020

WHO: 3,584 people die from coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has disclosed the information regarding cases of infection with coronavirus disease as of March 8, ONA reports.

The report says during the last 24 hours, the first cases of infection with the coronavirus disease (COVlD-19) were recorded in Bulgaria, Costa-Rika, Faeroe islands, French Guiana, Maldive islands, Malta, Martinique, and Moldova Republic.

The number of the confirmed infection cases:

In the world: 105,586 (3,656 new cases)

In China: 80,859 (46 new cases)

3,100 death cases (27 new cases)

Beyond China:

24,727 infection cases (3,610 new cases)

484 death cases (71 new cases)

101 countries/territories (8 new countries)

The WHO considers very high the risk assessment related to the coronavirus in China, and at regional and global levels.

Faig Mahmudov