WHO: Coronavirus death toll reaches 2 977

  • 11:33 02 March 2020

WHO: Coronavirus death toll reaches 2 977

World Health Organization released a report on March 1 on cases of coronavirus infection, ONA reports.

The overall death toll has reached 2,977 worldwide from the new coronavirus.

According to the information, the first cases of coronavirus infection was recorded in Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Ireland, Monaco, and Qatar.

The number of confirmed cases of infection:

Worldwide: 87 137  (1739 new)

China: 79 968 (579 new);

2873 deaths (35 new)

Outside China:

7169 cases of infection (1160 new)

58 countries (5 new);

104 deaths  (18 new).

WHO considers coronavirus risk assessment very high in China, very high at the regional level, and very high globally.