WHO: No coronavirus case recorded in Azerbaijan

  • 14:11 24 February 2020

WHO: No coronavirus case recorded in Azerbaijan

“World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not to rely on the fake news on coronavirus, disseminated in social networks, and receive information from just official bodies of Azerbaijan and WHO’s accounts in social media”, WHO says, ONA reports.

It has been noted disseminated groundless news is more dangerous than coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to the information, a case of infection with coronavirus has not been recorded in Azerbaijan currently: “World Health Organization is in regular contact with relevant bodies. There is a set of diagnostic tools for determination of the infection case in the country and diagnostics of examples, taken from suspected persons, will be conducted with these tools.”

The Organization advises to take following preventive measures in any case:
Avoid from contact with the people, infected with severe respiratory viruses;
Wash hands frequently, especially after meeting with ill people and contact with their belongings.
The people with symptoms of respiratory diseases should follow these rules:
To keep distance while coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose with handkerchief or elbow.

The WHO does not recommend the implementation of any restrictions on international visits. If symptoms of respiratory disease are observed before, during, or after the visit, these people are advised to apply to the doctor and share their visit history.