WHO: Number of coronavirus waves may be two or more

  • 16:53 01 May 2020

WHO: Number of coronavirus waves may be two or more

“The second wave is a possibility of infection of those, who have not been infected with coronavirus during the first wave”, said Hande Harmanci, head of the WHO representation in Azerbaijan at the online press conference of the Country Office of the World Health Organization (WHO), ONA reports.

She said if the measures taken in regard to the epidemic are lifted, the number of infection cases may increase: "But the number of the epidemic waves can increase to more than two. In other words, certain measures will be taken, then they will be eased, later on, the measures will be taken and eased again. As a result, the second, third, fourth waves of the epidemic may also occur. But people shouldn’t fear this. The health system can prevent small waves of the epidemic. The main thing is to know how we should protect ourselves even when the quarantine regime is not applied".