AFFA issues statement on Dudelange-Qarabagh match

  • 12:10 04 October 2019

AFFA issues statement on Dudelange-Qarabagh match

Azerbaijan Football Federations Association has issued a statement regarding Armenian provocation during Dudelange - Qarabagh match held in Luxembourg, ONA reports.

The statement reads:

"A political provocation was carried out during Dudelange - Qarabagh match held within the group stage of the UEFA Europa League at Josy Barthel stadium in Luxembourg on October 2.

On the 30th minute of the match, after the second goal of the Qarabagh team, a drone appeared over the sky of the stadium. The drone was directed to the center of the stadium with the flag of the so-called separatist “NKR”.  As a result, the referee made a decision to stop the match. After a forced break of about more than 20 minutes, the game resumed from the minute it was interrupted. During the break, Luxembourg's sports minister apologized on the behalf of Luxembourg government to the members of the Qarabagh team and the fans for the incident.

The representative of the Qarabagh Football Club expressed their concerns and complains regarding the situation to the Dudelange club and UEFA’s representatives. AFFA management immediately contacted UEFA and expressed concern about the incident. In addition, AFFA has already sent a complaint letter to UEFA asking for proper measurement."