Andrei Kanchelskis: "If Mkhitarian afraid of going to Baku, let him buy diapers for himself"

  • 12:47 29 May 2019

Andrei Kanchelskis: "If Mkhitarian afraid of going to Baku, let him buy diapers for himself"

Andrei Kanchelskis, a former English midfielder for Manchester United and Everton, spoke about expectations from the final of the Europa League Chelsea - Arsenal and shared his thoughts on the refusal of the Arsenal Armenian origin midfielder to fly to the decisive match in Baku for political reasons, ONA reports.

In an interview with, Kanchelskis expressed confidence that there will be good football in Baku.

“If we talk about the chances of the teams, at the moment, it seems to me, chances with Chelsea. Because they have a balanced composition in all lines. I think they will win. But the final is the final. I think that the match will not last until the penalty shoot-out, and the game will end in regular time. But in any case, the match will be good, because the British play open football. A productive game is expected,” he said.

Kanchelskis also commented on Mkhitaryan’s refusal to go to Baku: “I don’t understand this. Who are you afraid of? What political relationship? You play football - go and play. What nonsense!

Just funny. Some kind of clowning! Football is football, and politics is politics. Go and play, show that you are not afraid of anyone. What do you do there? No matter how the relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia develop, you have to go and play. In the end, no one will touch your finger here! Well, maybe they would have whistled, shouted ... They also whistled at Maradona because he scored a goal with his hand against England. Maradona is alive!

If Mkhitaryan was so afraid of, then let him buy diapers for himself. I have already said this when five and a half years ago, great football player Ilya Tsymbalar, playing for Spartak, passed away, and representatives of the club were then afraid to go to Odessa for a funeral. They were afraid that they would be killed. They openly declared that they were afraid. I then said to buy diapers for yourself. Who would have touched you? The man dedicated his life to "Spartak", but did not come. When he played for Spartak, he was needed then, and when this situation happened, they did not give a penny. It's horrible. The club then behaved ugly. Fans just collected something. If a person wants, he will do everything in his power, but if you are frightened, then admit that you are a coward. I would have fined Mkhitaryan, if I were the Club leadership, for not fulfilling his professional duties. If they lose the Europa League, then Mkhitaryan is to blame. Because he did not go and did not help the team.”

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