Maurizio Sarri: “Baku final is very important for us”

  • 18:06 22 May 2019

Maurizio Sarri: “Baku final is very important for us”

“Chelsea has got a ticket for Champions League next season, however Arsenal have to win Europa League cup for obtaining this right”, said Chelsea head coach Maurizio Sarri, ONA reports.

Italian coach has spoken about the match against Arsenal at the press conference before final match of Europa League to be held at Baku: “In this regard our motivation can be less than our opponent. On the other hand, the pressure on them is higher than on us. Shortly, both teams have advantageous and disadvantageous points. After getting a ticket to Champions League from Premier League, we want to raise a cup. Final match in Baku is important for us. I consider, we deserve a win”.

It should be noted that the final match of the UEFA Europa League between Chelsea and Arsenal will be held on May 29, at Baku Olympic Stadium.