Messi spills out about possible dinner with Ronaldo amid rumours of rivalry

  • 19:37 13 September 2019

Messi spills out about possible dinner with Ronaldo amid rumours of rivalry

Speaking to Sport about Ronaldo’s recent indirect dinner invitation, Messi responded that he would not “have a problem with that” and would happily accept the invitation, despite their football clashes and rivalry to win the Ballon D'or award this year, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

"I’ve always said that I don’t have any issue with him”, said Messi, countering rumours of a tense relationship between the two footballers. “We might not be friends because we’ve never shared a dressing room together but I always see him at award shows and there’s no problem. We actually spoke with each other for quite a long time at the most recent show”.

"I don’t know if there will be a dinner because I don’t know if our paths will cross for obvious reasons, each one of us has our own life and our own commitments”, the Argentinian player explained, adding that “obviously” he “would accept the invitation".

The comment came after Cristiano Ronaldo argued during a recent UEFA Champions League 2019 award ceremony that the two football rivals actually have a “good relationship”. Both footballers missed out on the prize for best player that time, as it was awarded to Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk.

"Of course we have a good relationship, we have not had dinner together yet but I hope in the future", Ronaldo said, prompting hopes that the two football stars could soon organise their own private party.  

The captain of Portugal's national team also said that it was Messi who had made him “a better player” and defined their competitive relationship as a “healthy rivalry”.

Note that Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo has recently revealed that he hopes to sometime have dinner with his long-time rival Lionel Messi.